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Crowns and Bridges in Hamilton

For people with missing teeth, broken teeth, or teeth that are heavily-restored, crowns and bridges can sometimes be the best option. At Go Dental, you will find a range of crowns and bridges treatment options available from our leading family dentist, Dr. Hanna.

Choosing The Right Path

When a tooth has a large portion broken or worn down, or becomes prone to breaking after a root canal and being filled several times, it becomes important to protect it from further damage. Our tooth colored and natural looking crowns can play a crucial role in the reconstruction and protection of these teeth, while the dental bridges which we provide can prove very effective when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth. Our crowns cover the whole tooth, giving full control over the size, shape and color to allow for the most esthetic cosmetic outcome. If you want a captivating and realistic smile, crowns and bridges from Go Dental can make the difference.

The Best Dental Care Technology

Gone are the days of using dark metal which often displayed an unsightly line in the gum area. Our porcelain and tooth colored crowns will restore your natural smile without anyone being able to tell how you did it. Our modern porcelain crowns use the latest technology to give you that desirable, natural smile. Whether you want to replace your old crowns or bridges, or need new ones fitted, Go Dental is your first port of call in the Hamilton area.

High Quality Treatment

If you are considering dental treatment including crowns and bridges, why not make an appointment at Go Dental and discuss your options? We have built our reputation on delivering outstanding dental care, thanks to a determined and dedicated team of dentists and staff. It is our aim to understand your dental health needs fully, before delivering the best care possible in the Hamilton area. So choose experience, expertise and empathy from your dentist – choose Go Dental for crowns and bridges Hamilton can rely on.

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