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Dental Cleaning in Hamilton

At Go Dental, as one of the leading dentist clinics located in Hamilton, we’re strong proponents of the idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular teeth cleanings with a licensed hygienist and dentist are key for maintaining good oral health. Think of your teeth as little houses, little houses with deep foundations. Your gums (gingiva) are a layer of soft tissue covering the bone in which the roots of your teeth are founded on. Having your teeth “cleaned” (scaled and polished) is the removal of the plaque and tartar that left alone would slowly erode and break down that foundation.

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Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning

  • prevent gum disease
  • decrease cavities and tooth decay
  • brighter smile by removing superficial stains
  • improves oral hygiene and alleviates chronic bad breath
  • helps save money on restorative dentistry

How Often Do You Need A Dental Cleaning?

When it comes to regular teeth cleanings, each person has different needs but consistency is the key. While we know people remember to brush and floss, it’s very easy to miss spots that can lead to tartar build up and tooth decay. A professional cleaning can help you get to those tough to reach spots, as well as identify other serious conditions. Gum problems, tooth decay, and even oral cancer can be identified in our Hamilton dental clinic during your regular cleaning. These aren’t just dental issues, they affect your overall health. We’ll also help you build long lasting good habits. Whether it is necessary to come in every 3 months, 6 months or even 9 months will depend on your particular circumstances, and Dr. Hanna and our hygienists will help determine what is best for you.

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